New Membership Solicitations


In efforts to increase our membership numbers, TU obtains names and addresses of prospective members from a variety of sources including the web, various catalogs and subscriber lists, and like-minded nonprofit organizations. Please accept our apologies if you are already a member and receive additional membership offers from us.

We do our best to screen out our existing member names from outside lists, but sometimes these mailings are sent to members with more than one address or version of their name. For example, our screening may not recognize R. John Smith and R. J. Smith as the same person, or may not recognize a company versus home address under the same name.

If you believe we may have duplicate names on our database for you, please contact us at 1-800-834-2419 or send an email to


How did you get my name to solicit me? Why did I receive a membership offer when I'm already a member?


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