April Chapter Update

Greeting GBTU Members!

Due to the extension of the “Shelter in Place” protocol out to the end of April, we will be cancelling our Monthly Chapter Meeting which was scheduled for April 9th, 2020, and, our Annual Spring Trip to Fennimore, which was scheduled for April 17th, 18th, and 19th. I called the hotel and Renee cancelled all of our reservations. She said once this is clear we are more than welcome to book the hotel once again. She said the water in the streams was clear and the fishing was great according to the locals.


Jeff Reinke’s home fly tying session which was moved to April 24th to accommodate the Fennimore trip, will not take place at Jeff’s house, but, is being planned as a virtual tying session. As we know more we will be send out updates so hold the 24th on your calendars!


On behalf of the Chapter I/we would like to extend our gratitude and a job well done to TU’s Trout in the Classroom Programs and most importantly the TIC Leaders. With forward thinking and quick planning they were able to release the fingerlings out to the lake and rivers before the schools were shut down. Jamie Moore, GBTU TIC Leader along with each Chapter TIC Leader,  coordinated with the schools to make this happen.

Great Job Team!


Finally, I know how hard sitting around home can be, so take advantage of this time. If you’re tired of tying flies or reading your magazines or watching videos don’t forget to get outside and maybe finish up that yardwork toward spring, or, take your rod out to a safe and appropriate place and knock off your casting rust. Once the all clear is signaled we’ll want to get out I’m sure!

With that said, please stay Safe and Healthy!




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