Fish with a Member Trips Are Back

Fish with a member trips are back!
After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, once again chapter members can gather to share
a trout fishing outing. Outlined below are a couple of day trips planned this year.
Saturday May 14th

. A Day on the Delaware. We’ll head south on Route 81 through Binghamton
then east on Route 86 (NY 17) to the Deposit area to spend the day on the West Branch of the
Delaware River. Hopefully we’ll find the Hendrickson hatch in full swing with the trout looking
up! Besides traditional Hendrickson ties, successful patterns have been Red Quills (14), Blue
Quills (18), and Rusty Spinners (12-20). Parachutes, Emerger patterns, and Comparaduns can
be the most effective on this water; the fish here see a lot of flies and can be very choosy. It’s
known for its challenging fishing and large wild browns and rainbows.
Saturday June 11
. Trip to West Canada. This trip will find us heading north and east along the
Thruway and Route 365 to the Barneveld area to spend the day on the West Canada. For the
fly fisherman, caddis is the go-to fly, just have some elk hair caddis and/or Stimulators in sizes
10-18. A 2-fly system with a dropper can be effective here. Caddis pupa and soft hackle wet
flies make great droppers with or without beads (14 - 18). The stream also produces some
good mayfly hatches. Most hatch charts will tell you Hendrickson’s (12 & 14), March Browns
(12 & 14), Gray Fox (14), Brown Drakes (12 & 14), Sulpher’s & PMD’s (14- 20), Light Cahill (12
& 14), and Blue Wing Olives (14-22.)
Interested? Contact Bob Alexander for more info, time of departure and meeting location.
Call or text 315-373-4665 or email to


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