Free Upgrade to a Family Membership

After working for Trout Unlimited for eight years, one thing I know to be true is that TU members often share their passion for conservation and fishing with their spouses, partners and children. I certainly do. This image is of my daughter's first fish. Her rod was given to her by the TU Utah Council volunteers. Her first Stream Explorers membership was given to her by the chair of the NLC before she was even born. She was destined to be a part of the greater TU community, but now - today - she and my husband both are a part of the TU family, through our TU family membership.
We are pleased to launch a new Free Family Membership Upgrade offer to any existing Trout Unlimited member -- for a limited time only! By signing up and adding the names and information for the family members living in your household at, you will enjoy the benefits of a TU family membership for the duration of your regular membership for free. These benefits include:
• Ensuring your family members feel that great sense of belonging to the nation’s leading trout and salmon conservation organization.
• Additional family members can expect to receive communications and invitations to local, statewide and national events and activities, like for example one of our dozens of chapter-hosted women's specific fly fishing seminars or youth fishing days.
• A complimentary copy of Stream Explorers magazine for any youth under age 12.
• All members of the household will be able to create a unique member profile on to engage in our online community, join discussion groups, access member-only content such as the digital version of TROUT Magazine and more...
I hope you'll consider joining me in adding your family to the TU family at 
Beverly Smith
Trout Unlmited 
Vice President for Volunteer Operations

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