Greetings and Happy Holidays!

To all Members of the Gary Borger Chapter of Trout Unlimited


Greetings and Happy Holidays!


My name is Jeff Reinke and I am the New President of The Gary Borger Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I was elected to office in October after having served as Education Chair, and, on the GBTU Board for these past four years. Additionally, I represent our Chapter on the Illinois Council and Lead the North Chicago Program of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, which GBTU Sponsors. More on this later.


I am excited to serve as President and continue to lead and shape the programs and events that have become our tradition. Within those traditions I also have a vision for many new and exciting developments. The goal is to make GBTU a “Learning and Experience Environment” and to that end, make GBTU more accessible and inclusive to new and existing members, serve as a resource to learning and information relative to the sport of fly fishing and conservation, and to make our gatherings and outings memorable.


I would like to share a few highlights of those activities and the things to come!


Monthly Events

For many years we have been generously hosted at Christ United Methodist Church in Deerfield. For this, we are most grateful, but as we look to the future, we are looking at new locations to hold both our monthly and special events. These new venues hope to promote more opportunities to socially connect, learn more about the sport and the environment, and allow our members to partake in fun, food and drink.


Fishing Trips

We will continue our tradition of trips to the Driftless Region of Wisconsin and Iowa. Overnight trips to Fennimore, Avalanche and Decorah will be offered with an additional trip to the White River in Arkansas and consideration for a trip to Eastern Pennsylvania. These trips are very affordable and great way to make new friends and fish great waters. All who have been on one of our trips will tell you how memorable they are. The connections we make on these trips, along with our events, build friendships. To supplement our “formal trips” we also go on “informal trips” throughout the year. These are day trips to local waters for salmon and smallmouth. Join the group and enjoy a day with friends and fishing.


Fly Tying Nights

This past year, and every year going forward, GBTU Members will host fly tying events at their homes. It’s a great way to learn tying techniques, tie a specific fly, and to get to know us. Even if you never tied a fly, or don’t want to tie that evening, please be sure to put these evenings on your social calendar. The schedule is in the 7x.



Under Matt Jennings’ leadership GBTU has realized many successful conservation projects and we expect this list to grow. Recently, GBTU, the Lee Wulff Chapter and TUDARE worked in concert to update the design of the stiles that we use to gain access to water through fenced farm fields. These stiles, which have been adopted by the Wisconsin DNR, cost around $200 each and it is the chapters who volunteer their time, and donate money, to ensure we have access to our favorite waters. Additionally, GBTU will be looking for volunteers to help with stream restoration. The flooding that has occurred over the past two years in the Driftless Region has greatly impacted the streams, but our collective efforts have helped to work with contractors to clear brush, stabilize banks and reduce erosion. If you are interested in volunteering contact Matt.


Trout in the Classroom

Led by Jamie Moore, Trout in the Classroom (TIC) works with area schools to place tanks and trout eggs for the development of fingerlings that are released in the spring. With thirteen schools participating, these programs and events are well attended by the students. If you are interested in helping with this program contact Jamie.


Youth Education

As we look to the future of the sport, GBTU volunteers have led events that introduce and promote fly fishing to our youth. From the Boy Scouts (Darwin Adams’ lead) to Summer Camps to Fishing Shows, these efforts work toward building a future, and future leaders.



GBTU is continuing to make the sport of fly fishing more inclusive. This year GBTU Member Megan Berns will be starting a women’s group that includes fishing trips and social events. Keep an eye out for an upcoming 7x for more details.


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

GBTU sponsors the North Chicago Program. We are beginning our fifth year and look forward to continued growth in our inpatient and outpatient programs. We are fortunate to have the volunteer support from all four Chicago-based Chapters of TU. If you are interest in more information or would like to volunteer, I would be happy to tell you more.


Communications and Resources

The world is changing so rapidly and to keep pace we must look at how we can best reach our members. Twenty years ago, email was the most expedient way to connect. However, as social media gained traction, we now must develop and present GBTU on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach its existing, and new members. We plan to develop our website link which supports new members searching out GBTU. These platforms will also allow us to expand the 7x to become a resource to our members. In addition to schedules and general notices, members should be able to keep tabs on hot fishing spots and flies, hotel and restaurant tips, clothing and equipment tips to name a few. This will be a place where you as members can contribute to our culture!


We are excited about the potential that lies ahead for GBTU as an organization that Engages, Educates and Entertains. These goals are ambitious. To attain them, we will need your support. Please consider supporting us with a financial contribution that helps us maintain the quality of our current programs and helps us toward the enhancements to new and existing programs and efforts. Please also consider volunteering in one of our programs. We recognize that your time is valuable and would welcome an opportunity to share some of that time with GBTU!


Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see you at one of our next events.


Happy Holidays!


Jeff Reinke


Gary Borger Chapter of Trout Unlimited




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