GUVTU Event Cancellation Policy

The Greater Upper Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited encompasses a large geographic area -
roughly North Haverhill NH to Springfield VT (north to south) and Woodstock VT to Canaan
NH (west to east). Weather/travel conditions can vary greatly across such an expanse.
Chapter membership is in a constant flux as renewals, expirations, and new sign-ons do not
occur at one time during the year and not every chapter member provides an email address to be
contacted at. Additionally, chapter events are open to the public, who also need to be alerted to
an event cancellation.
Consequently, it is not realistically possible to alert every member of the chapter as to a
cancellation. All members are encouraged to utilize public weather and travel announcements in
the case of inclement weather or other local events.
Should an event need to be cancelled (for weather related or other reasons), the Chapter
President and/or the Activities Committee Chair will make that determination and notice of this
decision will be posted to the chapter website, chapter Facebook page, and/or any other social
media outlet currently utilized by the chapter in addition to a blanket email to the current
membership email address book no later than 4 hours prior to the scheduled event
GUVTU will automatically cancel scheduled meetings when the following
weather conditions are met:
• The National Weather Service has issued a weather warning that is in
effect for any of the period beginning one hour prior to the scheduled
start of the event and extended to one hour past the scheduled end of the
• The weather warning must be in place at noon for an evening event and at
7am for a daytime event.
• The weather warning has been issued either for the county the event is
being held.
If a weather warning for the county the event is being held in is not issued for the time period
covered by the warning, meetings will be held as scheduled. Those attending should always use
their own discretion to determine whether they should travel.


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