New Zealand Mudsnails found in Spring Creek in Centre County PA

New Zealand Mudsnails were recently discovered in Spring Creek, one of PA's finest limestone creeks.

NZMS infestations can grow to densities of as many as 400,000 per square meter, and at these concentrations, they cause major disruption in the stream ecology and seriously impact the aquatic insect community.  The NZMS is one critter that we KNOW is carried around on the waders and boots of anglers.  Help reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of NZMS and other aquatic invasive species by utlizing the Clean Angling Practices to Inspect, Clean, and Dry your fishing equipment and DO NOT move fish, fish parts, plants, or water between drainages!  

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said on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

This is really disheartening news to hear that these have been found  for the first time in Pennsylvania. We at TU are working together to get the word out to anglers and recreationalists. Working with the PA Council and TU's director of aquatic invasives,  we will do all that we can to help people understand how best to prevent teh spread of invasives like NZMS.


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