New Zealand Mudsnails in the Au Sable

A prolific, aquatic invasive species first discovered in Michigan last year on the Pere Marquette River near Lake Michigan has now been found in the east branch of the Au Sable River near Grayling. This isn't good news.  NZMS populations are capable of exploding to densities of 500,000 per square meter which poses a severe threat to insect populations and can cause disruption of the entire stream ecology.  Understand that this is one AIS that WE KNOW IS TRANSPORTED ON WADERS AND BOOTS!    So, please inspect, clean, and dry your gear.  As far as chemicals are concerned, please do not apply ANY of the chemical treatmest such as bleach solutions or even Formua 409 in the riparian zones.  Do your inspect, clean, and drying at home away from the river!  Practicing clean angling techniquees to inspect, clean, and dry your gear is critical to reducing the threat of transport and introduction of most aquatic invasive species!




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