Oil Spill in Milwaukee

Our friends over at the WI DNR and Milwaukee Riverkeeper have received several reports of an oil sheen on the Menomonee and Milwaukee Rivers. WDNR has confirmed that Komatsu experienced a used oil transfer error last Friday morning, which resulted in discharge of an estimated 400 gallons of oil to the Menomonee River from a stormwater outfall near American Family Field (formerly Miller Park).

Komatsu has taken responsibility. They've placed a boom on site to contain oil, and continue to clean up the contaminated stormwater outfall. This oil sheen has been observed along the lower Menomonee River as well as on the Milwaukee River, both downstream and upstream of the Menomonee River confluence, due to the Lake seiche/wind pushing some product upstream.

Per WDNR, Komatsu will be conducting spot cleanups of product from our local rivers. Please continue to let Milwaukee Riverkeeper ( INFO@MILWAUKEERIVERKEEPER.ORG ) know where you see product deposits and they will forward that information to the proper authorities.


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