PMTU First Annual Banquet Deadline

We need to get a food count for June 3-4 weekend!!!! Alright folks, we have sold lots of tickets, but many of you that I know will be there have not purchased tickets yet. The caterer needs to decide how many pigs to roast and Atwater needs to decide how many kegs to send!!! We need a good count by this coming Saturday to give them a week to prepare. SO PLEASE GO ONLINE AND BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!! We have been asked if people who donate items or trips get free tickets.... See More Welcome Trout Unlimited is coming very soon. For now, you can find us on Facebook at PMTU. For our 1st Annual Banquet weekend with Kelly Galloup, Auction, Dinner and F3T on June 3-4, 2016 please click on the box below.


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