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Hi friends, fyi the City of Frederick is planning to implement downhill/mountain bike park trails program in the city's municipal forest (aka 'the watershed') in the near future and has been holding ad-hoc committee meetings that re open to the public recently.  These trails thru the forest equals heavy runoff , and silting up the rare trout streams at the base of the slopes of the Catoctin mountain. The next meeting is Nov. 13th,2014-  this Thursday. at 1:30 pm in the DPW training room, 111 East Airport dr., Fredrick, MD....This group needs help from trout fishermen- the group seems stacked with about 15 or so pro-bikers, and only a few naturalists such as myself. Call me if you have any questions, please join me there!




said on Monday, January 12th, 2015

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