NRVTU February monthly meeting

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 - 6:00pm

Please join us for our February month meeting at Mclain's Restaurant 6:00pm for dinner, meeting starts 7:00pm. Open to all you do not have to be TU member to  join in.

We have a lot going on for our February meeting. Besides our regular business, the website committee will have a short program officially rolling out the new NRVTU website. Go to to view it.
Next, if you recall from out December meeting VGIF biologist John Copeland talked about a program to monitor headwater streams to see if they were viable for brook trout habitat. Arnold Grayboyes has volunteered to be our VTSSS collection coordinator and has a speaker coming to give us information on the program. She is Ami Riscassi the UVA Shenandoah Watershed Study & Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study coordinator. Her talk will cover the basics of the history of acid rain, how it's impacted streams and brook trout in the region, where we are with respect to 'recovery' and how data collected by VTSSS has informed regulation, followed by the sample training.
There is a lot going to be covered, and should be a very informative meeting with opportunities to volunteer for stream collection teams.  Lots going on with the chapter the next few months so please come out, see what is happening, and find something to get involved.


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