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We're sorry that you are having trouble logging in, but we can help. A tu.org online user account is separate from a TU membership and is a member's option to create an online user account. 

In order to log in to tu.org it is important to use a valid and unique email address. More than one user account with the same email address will cause a conflict. Here are some suggestions to get you back online.  

Create a user account
If you have never logged in to tu.org, you may not have an online user account. This is separate from your membership record but can be linked. A good starting point is at create a new user account. 

Not sure I have a user account
If you are not sure you have a user account or have forgotten your username and/or password, start by trying your email address on the User account log in page.

Forgot my password
If your password is not working, we can send you one-time access by email to the address we have on file by clicking the link and following the instructions. The image below shows the link. 

To save a step, you can request one-time access by email to the address on file by clicking here.

Still not able to log in
If you are still receiving an error message, it may be due to multiple user accounts. Please contact TU Technical Assistance with any email addresses, username, and the message you are seeing. We will research your issue and respond as quickly as we can. 

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and look forward to having you in the Trout Unlimited's online community.


Why can’t I log in to tu.org?

Why can’t I login to tu.org?

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