Native Trout Workgroup

The Native Trout Work Group exists to facilitate grassroots implementation of Trout Unlimited's National Conservation Agenda related to protecting our cold water native salmonid species. Scope of the work group activity is nation wide. The work group facilitates education, awareness, restoration and science projects related to native salmonid species. The work group provides information related to native species through a web page on TU's website and serves as an advocate for Councils and Chapters on issues related to native species.

Committee Members     
Chair, Tim Gavin, Washington
Clark Amadon, Vermont
Jason Barnes,
Dale Dalrymple, California 
Mark Dillow, Texas
John doss, Arizona
Ted Gardziel, Colorado
John Hunt, Minnesota
Doug Jann, Connecticut
Chris Jones, Idaho
John Lopez, New Mexico
Harry Murphy, Montana
Bill Pastuszek, Massachusetts
Dan Short, Montana
John Sikora, California
David Sweet, Wyoming   

TU Staff POCs:  Beverly Smith, Dan Dauwalter, and Warren Colyer

Meets: The 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:00 p.m. EST.


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